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Pay attention to flush the pipe

- May 29, 2018 -

Before installing the hydraulic valve, attention should be paid to flushing the pipeline. When the hydraulic valve is in use, the maintenance time should be selected according to the water quality. Normally, the maintenance should be one or two times a year. When the water cleanliness is poor, the maintenance frequency must be increased. Specific maintenance methods are as follows:

(1) Close the gate valve before the valve.

(2) Unscrew the bolt on the valve cover.

(3) Take out the valve internal piston, piston rod and guide cover.

(4) Unscrew the nut on both ends of the piston rod.

(5) Remove the gland, seal, and valve disc.

(6) Remove the guide gland, seal ring and disc.

After dismantling, the scale and various contaminants should be removed from the parts. Use a steel wire to open the orifice in the throttle nut and replace the damaged seal. The assembly sequence is the reverse of the disassembly sequence.

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