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Precise And Lightweight Operation With No Bad Interference

- May 29, 2018 -

Welded ball valves are widely used in various fields. Their superior quality and high-performance stability cannot be achieved by ordinary cast steel ball valves. The service life of fully welded ball valves is far greater than that of cast steel ball valves. All welded ball valves are widely used in city gas. , urban heating, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, steel, pressure regulating stations, power plants and other types of pipeline equipment.

1. Integral welding of valve body structure, there will be no external leakage phenomenon.

2. The valve seat is composed of PTFE seal ring and spring. It has strong adaptability to changes in pressure and temperature. It will not produce any leakage within the scope of use.

3. Anti-leakage structure of the stem, a PTFE self-sealing gasket and an O-ring at the bottom of the stem, with two O-rings and two PTFE gaskets on top to ensure no leakage.

4. The material of the valve body is the same as the material of the pipeline. No stress unevenness will occur, and it will not be deformed due to the earthquake or the vehicle passing through the ground.

5, the valve body is light and easy to keep warm.

6. Buried ball valve can be directly buried in the ground. It is not necessary to build large valve wells. Only small shallow wells need to be installed on the ground, which greatly saves construction costs and engineering time.

7, according to the pipeline construction and design requirements to adjust the length of the valve body and stem height.

8. The processing accuracy of the sphere is very precise and light, without any bad interference.

10, there are two welding and flange connection.

11. Operation mode: handle, gear (vertical/horizontal)

12, in the normal operation of the valve, the warranty period of 20 years.

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