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Prevent Shrinkage, Hot Cracking

- May 29, 2018 -

First, to facilitate the manufacture of models, core boxes and styling:

1. The inner cavity of the casting should try to use less or less core when casting. When using the core, it should be convenient to support, fix and exhaust sand, and enough process holes should be provided if necessary.

2. For structures such as the inside and outside surfaces of castings and ribs, etc., there should be a certain degree of structural inclination in the direction of die-cutting.

3, the casting on the boss and the casting body should not be too different, it is best to take the same height, the same distance on the surface of a few bosses, it is best even into a whole convex part.

4, the shape of the casting should strive for simplicity, in order to facilitate the mold, should try to make the casting parting surface is flat, and the smallest number.

Second, to reduce the tendency of casting defects:

1, should try to avoid the casting has a large horizontal surface

2. Casting holes in the plane of the casting should be reinforced with kerfs to reduce wall thickness

3, the casting structure should be so that it can shrink without hindrance when it cools

4. There are a number of connecting columns in the large-area sandwich chambers such as waterways and gas lines in castings.

5. The connection between the wall and the wall of the casting should be strictly prevented by sharp corners and metal agglomeration. The thick-walled and thin-walled walls should be gradually transitioned to prevent sudden changes so as to avoid hot spots and stress concentrations and form hot cracks and shrinkages.

6. Partial thick sections of castings should be hollowed out or cast in holes as far as possible, and reinforced with reinforcing ribs.

7. The wall thickness of the casting should be uniform to prevent shrinkage and hot cracking. When it is necessary to ensure the sequence solidification conditions, it should try to make it have a wall thickness that changes in one direction. When it is necessary to ensure the solidification conditions, it should try to make It has a uniform section wall thickness.

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