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Reduced Maintenance Costs And Frequent Maintenance

- May 29, 2018 -

For forged steel cut-off valve, the flow resistance is not strict on the pipeline, that is, places with little consideration for pressure loss can choose the forged steel cut-off valve, such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, petrochemical systems, high temperature, high pressure pipeline; Forged steel cut-off Valves, for flow regulation or pressure regulation, require low regulation accuracy and a small pipe diameter.

 Forged steel globe valves increase the use of energy efficiency, increase the safety of production equipment, reduce maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, and provide a clean and safe working environment.

Forged steel globe valve refers to the valve that the closing member (valve) moves along the centerline of the valve seat. According to this kind of movement of the valve flap, the change of the valve seat port is in direct proportion to the valve stroke. Due to the relatively short opening or closing stroke of the valve stem of the forged steel globe valve and the very reliable cutting function, the change in the orifice of the valve seat is proportional to the stroke of the valve flap, which is very suitable for the adjustment of the flow rate. Therefore, forged steel globe valves are very suitable for use as cut-off or adjustment and throttling.

Forged steel valves are valves in which the closing member (the gate) moves in the vertical direction along the centerline of the passage. The forged steel valve is a gate valve made of refined forged steel. It is mainly used in the pipelines of various systems of the thermal power station to control the flow of fluids such as air, water, steam, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media. Compared with other valves, forged steel valves have the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance, unique self-sealing design, higher pressure, and more reliable sealing.

Extended end-forged steel gate valve to observe the valve diameter and seal seat flush. For example, if there is an open position in the ball valve, the open position limiter can be adjusted inward to confirm the straightness and lock. Adjusting the limit can only be used to open or close a position. Consider the overall situation. If the open position is flush and the valve is not in position, the forged steel valve will not be closed.

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