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Strong Adaptability To Pressure And Temperature Changes

- May 29, 2018 -

The forged steel ball valve utilizes the principle of the cam, so that the valve ball is disengaged from the sealing surface of the valve seat during rotation, and the ball is pushed toward the valve seat to achieve sealing after rotation. When the valve is in the fully open position, rotate the hand wheel clockwise. The stem nut and the thrust bearing cooperate to start the valve stem to lower and rotate the ball.

The forged steel ball valve is connected with the rotating hand wheel. The precise spiral curve groove track on the valve stem interacts with the guide pin embedded therein, and the ball rotates clockwise with the valve rod. When the valve is about to close, the valve stem rotates ninety degrees without the friction between the ball and the seat sealing surface. The forged steel ball valve is cleaned once every other year so that the valve seat cavity is not contaminated and the valve seat can move freely. At least the amount of grease is injected into the switch every year to reduce the friction between the ball and the valve seat and the friction between the valve ball and the valve seat. , reduce unnecessary losses.

The good technical characteristics of the forged steel ball valve are used to weld the entire gas pipeline, which can enhance the overall stress resistance of the pipeline, avoid the possibility of air leakage, extend the reliability life of the valve, and facilitate the installation and maintenance of daily ball valves. The forged steel ball valve is composed of a carbonized Teflon seal ring and a coffee spring. It has strong ability to adapt to changes in pressure and temperature, and does not produce any slippage within the marked pressure and temperature range. The sphere's machining process has advanced computer detectors to track and detect, with a high accuracy of the sphere.

As forged steel ball valve body material is the same as the pipe material, uneven stress will occur. It will not be deformed due to earthquake and vehicles passing through the ground. The pipe is resistant to aging. The seal ring body adopts PTFE material, which guarantees no leakage and will not There are external leaks and other phenomena. Forged steel ball valve stem can be lengthened according to the user's specific installation conditions to facilitate the ground operation, compared with the same size of the conventional ball valve has the advantages of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, durability and other advantages, according to the use of forged steel ball valve seat sealing surface material Different media can choose PTFE, nylon, alloy steel, hard alloy, etc., can be widely adapted to different temperature, pressure and corrosion requirements.

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